Sunday, 7 May 2017

Use a mood board to inspire your weight loss and fitness journey

it you are embarking on a long term weight loss journey then it is inevitable that there are going to be times when you find it harder to keep on track. This could be for a multitude of reasons. Illness or injury stops you working out, work or family pressures make it hard to stick to your diet or maybe you just feel miserable and lose your motivation.

For me, as an emotional overeater and someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, my moods are key to my success. I know when my mood is low, I find it harder to resist foods are that. As for me. I am also less inclined to exercise as well.

I have been reading a lot about mood boards lately. Some people call them inspiration or motivation boards. I wanted to see whether having a visual representation of things that motivate or inspire me would be helpful in keeping my moods on a better level.

The great thing about a board like this is that you literally can include absolutely anything. Look for quotes you like, images that inspire you, pictures that show what you are trying to achieve or even just things that make you happy. I looked at some examples on Pinterest and then just dived in. I haven't finished it yet and the idea is that it will constantly be a work in progress that will evolve with me. I actually found just the process of putting it together to be quite therapeutic!

So this is what it looks like at the moment!

Let me know if you use mood boards already or if this post inspires you to start one. I'd love to see what you put on yours. I'll keep you updated as my board evolves and changes.

Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx
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