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Cut through the weight loss myths

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I was reading in the press today a couple of stories about health and weight and it started me thinking. We are often bombarded with conflicting and contrasting advice. If you are setting out to lose a lot of weight then it can be hard to know which set of advice to follow. Here are three weight loss myths that I personally think you can ignore.

Eating between meals will make you fat
I can even remember my mum saying this to me and it's a common theory that if you cut out the snacks then you will lose weight. 

Snacking can be very beneficial though in helping you lose weight. The trick is to eat healthy snacks. I would choose a banana, some whole grain toast or anything that is low in fat but I know will satisfy my hunger. Snacking on the correct foods will help prevent dips in your blood sugar level and makes it easier to control cravings.

Diets that promise you will lose a lot of weight or drop a dress size in a few weeks
There is some truth in this fact, in so far as crash diets will initially make you lose weight quickly. The problems come afterwards when you start eating properly again. The weight will return and you may have damaged your metabolism by starting a cycle of yo yo dieting

Slow and steady weight loss can be frustrating, trust me I know, but it is proven to be the best way to lose weight permanently. I don't really see what I'm doing as dieting, for me it's a change in my lifestyle!

Exercising one part of your body will help you lose weight there
This is a common misconception particularly for people trying to lose fat from their tummies by doing crunches and sit up. Exercise can help you tone up an area and develop muscle. It will not have an impact on fat as people lose weight from different parts of their body first. For me it's always my face and then my boobs. All you can do is adopt a healthy eating plan along with a sensible exercise plan. This is help you to lose weight all over and then you can concentrate on tightening up and toning up any problem areas.

There are many more myths attached to weight loss and my general advice is to try and not take them too seriously. Think about the rationale and whether it is logical or not. Then if you feel that it is something that doesn't have an impact on you or if you are happy with what you are doig the just ignore it. You are the best judge of what works for your body!!

Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx


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