Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wednesday Weigh In - Week 24 - It All Adds Up

I lost half a pound this week. Not huge but it's still a loss and that's without working out. 

This takes my total weight loss to 26 pounds.

Although it's a small loss this week, the thing to remember is that the small losses add up and it is all progress. Half a pound lost each week is two pound lost in a month. That's the equivalent of a bag of sugar!

The last few weeks have really emphasised to me just how vital exercise is when you are trying to lose weight. I haven't worked out at all because of my knee. Instead I have been trying a different tactic. I have found a lot of strengthening exercises for the knee and I am doing them daily to see if that helps. I have also increased my daily walking instead of trying to run. As an extra help for my joints, I am also taking fish oil supplements and glucosamine. When I do start to run again then I will avoid running on the pavement in case that puts too great a strain on the knee and will stick to the park. 

Hopefully I should see some improvement from this and at least I feel like I am being proactive.

Diet wise, I will just stick to the normal routine this week. I'm a bit broke until the end of the month so it'll be a case of making do with what's in the freezer and the cupboards. I may do some baking though so watch out for new recipes on the blog later this week. 

Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx


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