Monday, 14 November 2016

Monday Motivation- Be Flexible

So my Monday motivation for this week is to try and be more flexible. I don't mean brushing  up on my yoga, although that is another good thing to aim for.

I mean just being a little more relaxed and less regimented about my diet and exercise routine.  I do tend to get set in my ways, stick to a routine and it genuinely throws me out of sync if, for whatever reason, I can't stick to it.

I am aiming just to change my mental attitude. For example I wanted to run today but work pressures and grotty weather mean that it is just not feasible. I sat here for a while feeling cross and a little depressed instead of thinking what can I do instead or can I run tomorrow. It's that sort of roll with it attitude I need to work on. I felt that it was also good to bear this in mind with Christmas coming soon when routines will be impossible. I think I may give myself Christmas Day and Boxing Day off. I won't do too much damage or overeat too much in two days and being flexible will mean that I feel less pressured. I'm an emotional overeater so I'm more likely to crack and dive headfirst into the Christmas chocolates if I feel too pressurised. Being flexible is a way of ensuring damage limitation.

Hope you are all having a fantastic Monday and are feeling motivated for the week ahead.

Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx

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