Monday, 11 January 2016

Fitting in Fitness

Now that I feel I'm getting to grips with Weightwatchers and Smartpoints, I want to start working on improving my fitness levels. I've been using an activity tracker for the last week and it's spurred me on to be much more active.

I drive my daughter to school every morning and we park next to a park. Today instead of getting straight in the car, I spent 15 minutes walking around the park. I know it's only baby steps but I want to work up to running round it eventually.

Bank home I then dug out my Charlotte Crosby dvd.

I used this a lot last year and lost over a stone so I know it works. I managed to get through 7 of the routines before collapsing in a heap. Belly Blitz incorporates quite a lot of punching so I also used weighted gloves to make me work harder

I got mine in Aldi as part of a set including leg weights but you can get them in most sports shops and they are not too expensive.

I hope by doing a little bit extra each day, my fitness will improve and I can then push myself a bit more. It's baby steps for now but it all helps!

Speak to you soon

Love Erica x

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