Monday, 26 September 2016

Monday Motivation - Don't Drain Yourself

I had a complete different Monday post worked out in my head for today but then I came home from the school run, stood in my kitchen and burst into tears.

I'm exhausted today. I had a hectic weekend where I literally didn't stop. My daughter ran in our County Cross Country relays on Saturday which meant an early start then walking the 3km course with her and then sprinting to various vantage points to cheer her on when she ran. We got home expecting to relax only for me to notice a hole in her Asics trainers. I had to beg money from my ex husband and then we sprinted to central London to go to the running shop Run & Become. She needs her trainers fitted properly as she over pronates and needs support for hyper mobility in her ankles. Even this journey wasn't straightforward due to train problems and we ended up having to travel on 4 different lines.

Sunday wasn't any more restful. There was another early start for cross country training then my daughter had to be dropped at a party. I had 2 hours at home before driving back to get her then it was dinner time and the whole getting stuff ready for school routine. I then had work to do which I finally finished at half one this morning.

It's not surprising that something snapped this morning. I had intended to run but I was so tired, my knee hurt and I have a cold coming. So I'm taking the day off. I need to sit and work for most of the day then my daughter has training this evening. I will try and fit in a relaxing bath somewhere and get to bed a little earlier.

So my Monday motivation today is not to lose sight of looking after myself. It's very easy to become fixated over weight loss and push yourself to breaking point but we all need to stay in tune with what our bodies are telling us. A day off never hurts.

Hope you are all having a great Monday and that you all look after yourself today. Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx


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