Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wednesday Weigh In - Week 38 - Hanging On

So nothing lost and nothing gained this week. I'm not surprised really as it hasn't been a very good week.

If you read Monday's post then you will know that I was feeling thoroughly exhausted and overwhelmed so I wasn't working out. Things didn't really get any better from then on.

I work freelance from home so have to grab work while its there. At the moment there's masses and my finances are dire. I need to put food on the table this week so I'm surviving on four hours sleep and working like a Trojan. On top of this I can literally feel my mood sinking. I'm prone to depression so I need to be careful of this. In the old days I would have just dived headfirst into the biscuit tin and tried to eat my feelings along with all the food in the house, but I'm resisting. I'm back taking St John's Wort and am valiantly sticking to my healthy eating. I know the pressure will ease next week with maintenance payments from my ex husband so I've just got to hang on until then. I'm just trying not to put any additional pressure on myself.

I've always been an emotional eater and depression hits me periodically when there are situations I can't fix and control which is basically most of my life. I may do a post soon about the links between depression and overeating as it interests me and also may help me to understand my behaviour more.

Speak to you soon and if any of you are not having a great time this week either, remember "this too will pass".

Love Erica xxx


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