Thursday, 1 September 2016

A Trip To Freeport Braintree

I don't normally have the money to splash out on designer brands but I know that with fitness clothes and footwear, you may have to pay a little more to get top quality. So with this in mind and with thoughts of getting a few bargains I took my daughters to visit Freeport at Braintree in Essex yesterday.

Freeport is a designer shopping Outlet where you can find many top brands at cheaper prices. The stores include Hollister, Bench, Bose and Ted Baker But our prime interest was in visiting the sports brand stores.

Our first stop was Nike.

I love Nike, they have an amazing range of clothes and their trainers are always great. We were spoilt for choice in the store

One of the main things we were looking for was a new pair of cross country spikes for my daughter. Sadly they didn't have any but they did have a great sales section so we stocked up on leggings. 

Even though we have been to Freeport before, I hadn't actually noticed that there was an Asics store. 

These are currently my daughter's favourite brand of running shoes so she dragged me in. She knows I am going to have to replace her current Asics soon and she has now picked out her next ones. I managed just to get away with buying her some new athletics socks this time though!

Our final sports shop visit was to Adidas.

Sadly we were still not able to get any cross country spikes so we turned our attention to clothes again. 

I love adidas clothing, it's my favourite choice for workout outfits. 

If you are still plus size and on your weight loss  journey then I definitely recommend adidas. For my daughter, we stocked up on t shirts. Her training continues through the winter so we are starting to think about what warmer clothing she may need. 

Even if you are not looking for anything in particular, Freeport is a great place to visit for a browse. I love the way it is laid out like an actual village.

It was lovely strolling around in the sunshine. Freeport has lots of places to eat or just grab a coffee if you need a break from shopping. We treated ourselves to an ice cream before going home. 

If you can get to Freeport Braintree then I definitely recommend a visit. We will certainly be going back again the next time we need any fitness clothes or footwear.

Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx

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