Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Year's Resolutions - Weight Loss And The Way Forward

Do you make new year resolutions? If so, do you stick to them? Is it a successful way to motivate yourself or do you just end up feeling guilty when you have broken all your resolutions by the second week in January?

I don't always make specific resolutions but I do find that the start of a new year can spur me into making a fresh start and being more pro active. I suppose it's linked into the idea of a new year and a Beene. Last year, the start of the year was the push I needed to start my weight loss journey and this blog. So I have been giving some thought to how I could mark the beginning of 2017. 

For once I have decided to actually be specific and set some resolutions with aims and targets. I think it will give me more focus. I have achieved a lot this year and I now need to build on that success.

So here are my resolutions 

1: Lose another stone by Easter.

2: Build exercises using weights into my fitness regime

3: Mix it up and don't get fixated on just one form of exercise however much I enjoy it. 

4: Eat more vegetables 

5: Aim to get a minimum of 6 hours sleep per night.

That's quite a lot of resolutions but I think they are all achievable. I already feel inspired and can't wait to get started! Let me know what your resolutions are for 2017. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful new year and that you will join me as my weight loss journey continues in 2017.

Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx

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