Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Wednesday Weigh In - Week 52 - One Year On So Look At Where I Am,LookAt Where I Started

Wow, I cant believe that my weight loss journey has been going on for a whole year now. So I have currently lost 29.5 pounds. I know that this doesn't sound spectacular compared to some of the stories in the press lately where people have lost six or seven stone. The important thing to me though is that I haven't put any of it back on. That's a big thing for me as I have done the quick big weight loss before and then sadly piled it back on again. Slow and steady wins the race. My weight loss journey is absolutely not over and I'm keeping it going.

That's a half pound loss this week which is quite pleasing as that is just down to switching back to healthy eating. It'll be interesting to see what  my weight is next week as I'm planning regular workouts.

If you follow my Instagram then you will have seen my new swing stepper yesterday. 

So far I'm really impressed, just five minutes was seriously making my legs burn. It's all part of my plan to mix up my fitness routines. Today I was back to HIIT training. 

Also keep your eye on the blog over the next week as I'm going to be telling your about an exciting new fitness workout concept that I'm going to be testing.

Hope you are having a great week

Speak to you soon 

Erica xxx


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