Wednesday, 6 January 2016


So  its a cliche I know but today is the first day of the rest of my life and for me its the first day of my journey towards a fitter, thinner and happier me. Hence the title of my blog. I thought I'd start by telling you a little bit about me. I'm a 48 year old single mum living on the borders of London/Essex in the UK. I've had problems with my weight for most of my adult life and I've tried most diets. My weight has been up and down like a yo yo. Over the last few years it has been a steady increase though until I reached today's sad state of 17 stone 3 and a half pounds.

I'm just so cross with myself that I've let it get to this point! I know how to eat healthily, I know exercise is important and above all I know that reaching for the biscuit tin when I'm depressed is NOT a good idea.!!

I'm looking to make a complete overhaul of my diet, my lifestyle and probably most important of all my attitude. I want to try different things and see what works for me. I will let you know how my diet goes, what exercise works for me and what other tools I am using to help me reach my goal of becoming fitter, thinner and happier.

Its day one of a new me and I'm feeling inspired!

Speak to you soon,
love Erica xxx



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