Saturday, 7 January 2017

Sultana and Date Pancake Cake

Breakfast can often be a difficult meal to sort out especially if you are not a huge fan of cereal. The weekends are fine as there's more time but during the week, I literally have five minutes to prepare breakfast and eat. This cake is the perfect solution. It was born out of a desire for pancakes even though I didn't have time to cook them. It's called a Pancake Cake because it is basically made from sweetened pancake batter with added fruit. Trust me, it really does taste of pancakes!


225g plain flour
1 tbsp baking powder 
2 eggs
200g golden syrup
300ml skimmed milk
50g margarine 
100g sultanas 
100g dates
100g porridge oats


1. Mix all of the ingredients together except for the dates and sultanas. Whisk until the mixture is completely smooth. I used a hand blender.

2. Chop the dates into small pieces.

3. Fold the sultanas and dates into the mixture, stirring just enough so that they are distributed throughout.

4. Pour the mixture carefully into a greased cake tin. I actually used a pie dish as I wanted a wide low cake.

5. Cook near the top of a preheated oven for approximately 30 minutes at 175 degrees. Use a skewer to check the cake is cooked throughout before removing it from the oven.

6. Allow to cool fully before removing it from the tin.

The whole cake is 3080 calories. It easily cuts into 16 slices which would be 193 calories each. 

This is a lovely moist cake which really does taste of pancakes. It was also really filling and I found that I just need a fruit snack mid morning to keep me going until lunch time. 

A little tip for you is that I cut my cake up into the 16 slices as soon as it had cooled.  This meant that I could make sure each slice was the same size.

The cake should keep for up to seven days in an airtight container. Let me know if you try making it. Speak to you soon 

Love Erica xxx


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