Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Wednesday Weigh In - Week 53 - Christmas Gains Gone

Well, this was my first full week of being completely back on track and I lost three quarters of a pound. That means what I put on over Christmas has completely gone! It probably would have been more but I struggled with maintaining my healthy eating 100% through the week. It didn't help when my oldest daughter bought wine to celebrate her last night at home before returning to university but it certainly did taste good! My weight loss may also have been higher if this wasn't the one week each month when I am cursed by PMT, bad hormones and water retention. At least that should sort itself out next week!

What I am pleased with is my fitness routine this week. I've really tried to mix it up this week. The lovely people at Flex TV have certainly helped me do that and I've tried out HIIT classes, burlexercise and power yoga. Watch out on the blog next week when I'll be writing a full review of Flex TV for you. I've also been working hard on the wondercore smart and using my swing stepper too. I plan to carry on trying to add as much variety as I can into my fitness routine over the coming weeks.

Keep an eye on my Instagram account as I post videos and photos to show what I'm up to with my fitness.

Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx

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