Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Wednesday Weigh In - Week 54 - Bad Backs and Birthdays

That's a teeny quarter of a pound back on this week but there's reasons for that.

On Sunday I slipped on some ice and went smack down on my back. I have a history of back problems and although it's normally not too bad, landing on it was not a good thing! I clearly jarred something and by Sunday night it was quite painful. I think it might have been bruising coming out. Any way today is the first day that I've been able to walk without limping although it still twinges when I bend over or sit down. So no workouts for me since last Friday. Frustrating as I was getting into a good routine.

My diet wasn't helped by the fact that it was my birthday on Monday. My daughters bought me prosecco and chocolates and we went to Nando's for dinner. My back hurt and I was genuinely fed up about turning fifty so I didn't even try to eat something low calorie. It's a good job birthdays only come once a year!

Still next week should be back to normal and my back will hopefully continue to improve 

Speak to you soon 

Love Erica xxx

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