Monday, 21 March 2016

Monday Motivation - Tough Week ahead

I woke up today feeling really eurgh. Not ill, a bit tired but just grotty with a general feeling of anxiety. I do suffer from mild depression so it may be time to go back on the St Johns Wort for a bit just to give myself a boost.

I have a really busy week ahead so I've got to sort myself out for it. I'm really not ready for Easter so that needs to be sorted. My daughter breaks up from school on Thursday and my other daughter arrives home from university on Friday so the normal routine goes out the window and chaos ensures. I want to pack as much exercise in before then as I can because the school holidays will make it more difficult. Added to this is the fact that on Thursday I collect over 1000 copies of Yellow Pages to deliver which have to be done within the next seven days. I suppose at least the extra walking will help with my fitness! Haha. 

So I feel deeply in need of good words to motivate me today and here are some of the ones that have helped.

So stay strong guys, stay focused! It may be Monday again but we can fight our way through this together!

Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx

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