Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Wednesday Weigh In - Week 9 - Surprised Myself

Despite this probably being the most challenging week I've had so far, I've somehow still managed to lose a pound.
This means that I have now lost a total of 16.25 pounds in 9 weeks. 

Frankly I'm quite surprised. Work and a flare up of the tendonitis in my Achilles meant that I missed exercising for a couple of days. Plus I know I wasn't quite as strict with portion control as I normally am and at the weekend I had one day when I used not only my daily points but all my remaining weekly Smartpoints too! So it's definitely surprising but also pleasing too!

I'm so close now to getting under 16 stone that it's fired me up for the week ahead. I still haven't started running but that is definitely on the agenda for this week if it stops raining! I'm also going to spend some time today menu planning. I also want to make sure I have suitable snacks available as that was definitely one area that I found difficult over the last week and where I was tempted to cheat. I think I might need to do some more baking so watch out for new recipes on the blog!

So all progress is good.  Remember if you are on a long term weight loss plan, it's very important to celebrate all your achievements and ignore that little voice in your head that says it's only a pound. Every pound lost is another step on the way to your end goal! Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx

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