Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My first run in years!

I've been talking about running for a few weeks now so I thought it was finally time to stop talking and get on with it. I should explain that I used to be a regular runner, was in a running club and even did 5km races. That was however many many years ago and pre kids! 

I didn't want to run on the roads near home partly because I thought I might see someone I know! So I drove to one of the parks where my daughter does cross country practice at the weekend. This is where I was aiming to run

Basically I was looking to go from the car park at the bottom left, down to the lake, round the lake and then back across the field. I had no idea how far this actually was or if I would manage it but I thought why not aim high?

This is what the park actually looks like.

So I started off thinking this is really great and I'm fitter than I had thought. It was downhill to the lake which made it easier. Around the lake was tougher and it was quite muddy still. I only had ordinary trainers so I had to walk in a couple of places. This meant there was time for a a quick lakeside selfie

Once I was round the lake, it was much clearer. The only problem was that the rest of the route was uphill! This is when I discovered that I'm still quite unfit! I plodded on though and did make it back to the car while still able to breathe.

I don't look too knackered! Haha. Even my trainers survived relatively unscathed 

I rounded off my run by insanely deciding to have a go at the hill that my daughter runs up and down as part of her training

She does this six times in a session. I managed once and I walked half of it! Still you have to start somewhere!

My fitness tracker calculated that I ran 1.5 miles which I was quite pleased about. It was interesting that my body felt really strong but I just got terribly out of breath. I clearly need to build more cardio work into my weekly exercise.

Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx

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