Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Review of Stick At It

When I was given the chance of a trial membership of the Stick At It app, I was quite intrigued. The app promises to motivate you using online technology that is easy to use but very successful.

Joining is very easy. You sign up with your email and create a password. A confirmation email welcomes you and provides a login link. You can then simply save the app to your screen like this.

The app is certainly full of information and it is worth taking some time literally just to play around with it and get used to the layout and menus. 

The members area is particularly useful

The articles are a very interesting read on a variety of different subjects.

There are also interesting little facts that I found quite useful even after all the years that I have spent dieting.

The app also includes recipes although they are quite basic.

Probably the best thing about the Stick At It app is the motivational messages that they will send you. This is certainly the aspect that made the app stand out for me and it was what I found the most useful.

The app gives you a selection of message types to choose from or you can write your own. You can also choose when you receive the messages so you can target times or days when you feel that you might need more motivation.

Here are some of the messages that I set up.

When you set up your profile on the app, it gives you the chance to input your end aim for your weight loss and to set smaller short term targets. The journal section also gives you the chance to record your progress and note down what works for you. I'll admit that I didn't really use the journal but that is through personal preference. I tend to use this blog as my journal anyway.

So my general thought about Stick At It are that it is a useful app with the potential to grow. I hope that they will continue to add recipes and articles. 

Would I recommend Stick At It? If you struggle with keeping yourself motivated then it is definitely worth trying it even if it is just for the messages they send you. It is very easy to use and as it is an app it is constantly available. There are currently free trials on offer and the monthly subscription is also very reasonable at £4.99 for four weeks.

You can find out more about Stick At It on their website at stickat-it.com and they are also on Twitter as @StickAt_It

Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx


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