Saturday, 6 August 2016

A Visit to Whole Foods Market

I spent Thursday in central London with my daughters. We were there to see the Dream Jars that are around London to advertise the new BFG film but I decided to combine this with a trip to Whole Foods at Piccadilly. We don't have any branches near us so it's a treat to go there.

Whole Foods Markets basically offer what their name says. This is a grocery shop where you can guarantee that the products do not contain trans fats, artificial sweeteners or flavors, colors or preservatives.

Whole Foods is also a great place to shop if you require a special diet. Plus there is a wide choice of artisans and specialist foods.

You can even buy hot food if you fancy lunch.

I just love browsing and looking to see what takes my fancy.

The choice of food available is simply staggering.

Some choices may not be the healthiest but they make an amazing treat.

I always find the fruit selection particularly tempting.

Another great thing about Whole Foods is the free samples. On our visit I got to try cold pressed coffee, fantastically creamy cashew milk which I bought and the most amazing chocolate bar with no sugar and extra protein which I also bought.

I really could spend a fortune in Whole Foods.

It is not a particularly cheap shop though so I try to limit myself though to things that I know I can't get anywhere else or new products that I haven't seen before. 

I always do manage to find something exciting to buy though.

This is what I bought onThursday. 

So if you get the chance to pop into a Whole Foods Market then I highly recommend it. I just wish that they would open one near my home now!

Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx

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