Monday, 1 August 2016

Monday Motivation - Obstacles

If you are embarking on a long weight loss journey then it's inevitable that there are going to be obstacles in your way. For me the big obstacle is probably the lack of time to work out. We can also put up obstacles in our minds. That little voice that says to you that you can't do this, just give up. So my motivation this week is to look at overcoming those obstacles.

Sometimes, facing obstacles in life isn't always a bad thing. It can motivate you or help you change. When my ex husband walked out leaving me with a six year old and a three month old baby, I thought that being a single mum was the worse thing I would ever have to face. It's thrown numerous obstacles at me but it has also made me a stronger person. I'm independent, a bit bolshy and I make my own choices. 

I won't deny that it's been hard and sometimes it's taken me a long time to get over obstacles. In fact there are some that I am still trying to climb over at the moment. My weight loss is like that, it's why I describe myself as a work in progress. I know I will climb that wall even if I need a little rest along the way now and again. 

Here's some images that I made to motivate myself today

Hope you are all feeling motivated today. Remember you will get past obstacles in your way, keep focused on your end goal and accept that good things sometimes take time.

Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx

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