Monday, 8 August 2016

Monday Motivation - Find A Way

So my motivation for this week is to remind myself that you will always find a way through, however difficult it may seem.

For me at the moment, this is mainly about getting through the school summer holidays and managing to stay on track. I've accepted that, with my daughter at home, my fitness routine is completely destroyed. I'm a self employed single mum with no family support. My youngest daughter has special educational needs so she needs me around during the day. My spare time is going towards working and earning enough to keep us solvent until September. My way of getting through this is to be a bit gentler on myself. I accept that losing weight will be difficult at the moment although I'm sticking to healthy eating as much as possible. Instead I'm keeping focused on the longer term and I know that when my daughter goes back to school, I will be able to push myself hard. Then the pounds will hopefully drop off!

Another way that this idea of finding a way through has motivated me is with food. When I started this weight loss journey, I found it hard to afford to buy, on a regular basis, the weightwatchers snacks on sale in the supermarkets. This led me to start creating my own recipes to make at home. If you have read my blog before then you will know that this has developed into a big activity for me and I am working on a recipe ebook at the moment. So finding a way through that difficulty has led me down a new and exciting path. 

Remember don't get disheartened! However big the obstacle seems or how difficult, you will always manage to find a way through if you try!

This is my mantra for the week ahead.

Stay motivated and have a great week! Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx

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