Monday, 15 August 2016

Monday Motivation - Aim High And Keep Positive

If you have read my blog before then you will know that the last few weeks have been quite difficult for me. It's the school summer holidays so my fitness programme has virtually stopped and the weight isn't really going down at the moment. So my motivation for this week is to keep my goals in my mind and stay positive whatever the setbacks at the moment.

One of my favourite quotes keeps coming to mind at the moment.

I know that Robert Kennedy was talking about changing the world when he said this but it could equally apply to changing yourself. Don't ask yourself why you are out of breath if you have to run, instead think why shouldn't you run a local fun run and work out how to achieve that.

When I started this weight loss journey and thought about what I wanted to achieve, there was this little voice in my head saying you will never lose all that weight and be skinny. That voice keeps trying to come back but I push it down and keep aiming high for my goals. 

My other thoughts this week are about looking for the positive in every situation.

I may not be losing a lot of weight at the moment but I am learning about how to maintain my weight and what that means for my food intake. This is something that I feel quite positive about as maintaining my weight is where I have always struggled so this bodes well for the future.

I know that it is sometimes hard to look for the bright side in every situation but trust me, look and you will generally find out.

This is just one of the things that helps me to keep on track, get through bad patches and keep focused on my aims and goals.

I hope you are all feeling motivated this week. Remember, it may take a while but we can do this!!

Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx

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