Friday, 29 April 2016

Infused Water Recipes

 If you have read my blog before then you will know that I am a recent convert to using infused water. 

If you haven't come across this before, infused water is basically where you immerse any fruits or vegetables in cold water. After a few hours, the flavours seep out into the water. You could just use a large jug if you want or there are many types of infuser bottles available to buy so that you can take your water out and about with you.

I've definitely found that this has helped me to increase my water consumption this week so I thought I would share with you some of the fruit and vegetable combinations that I have used.

Lemon, Lime and Thyme

This is a classic combination. The only point to remember is that Lemon provides a strong flavour which can be over powering so it is important to get the balance right. I added more lime as I preferred that. Slice the fruits as thinly as you can as this helps the flavour to seep into the water.


This provides a delicate flavour with just a hint of orange. I found it helped to remove as much of the pith as you can and I left it in the fridge overnight to allow the flavour to increase.

Cucumber and Mint

In my opinion, this was probably the most refreshing infused water that I tried this week. I sliced the cucumber into very small pieces and crushed the mint leaves before adding the water. I can definitely see myself drinking this one a lot through the summer.

Strawberry, Pomegranate and Apple

I choose this combination as I thought that the flavours would complement each other and I was right. The tang from the pomegranate balances out the sweetness from the apple and strawberry

Remember you can try any different combination of fruit and vegetables and you can also use frozen fruit. Let me know if you invent your own infused waters. Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx


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