Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wednesday Weigh in - Week 4. Back on the slow path

I am not a happy bunny today! I lost a grand total of half a pound this week.

This takes my weight loss to 7.25 pounds in four weeks. I always knew this would be a long journey for me but I will admit that I had hoped that things would move a little faster than this.

On a positive note I can understand why my weight loss has been low this week and some of it has been down to general sloppiness on my part. It's too easy to start guessing portion sizes rather than weighing everything all the times especially if you are in a hurry. I did have to eat out once so that meal had to be estimated so there's no excuse for it any other time.

I also found myself continually craving sweet stuff this week. I have a healthy dose of PMT at the moment which has made think that the slow weight loss could partly be due to being at the point in my cycle when my weight naturally fluctuates upwards. If this is the case then it will go down again next week and a loss is better than any sort of gain.

The final reason has been that I just didn't exercise enough. I have tendinitis in one ankle and it flared up which made any impact exercise impossible. I can't afford to join a gym at the moment so I was a bit stuck. I did try to fit in extra walking but work got in the way of that. I know I'm making excuses but I work freelance so if the work is there then I have to take it or my kids don't eat. I am back taking glucosamine for my ankle as it seems to help and the weather is drier which also seems to make a difference. 

Finally, I am going to take all my measurements today and start tracking them so if I have another slow week for weight loss then I can at least see if I have lost inches instead.

So the plan for this week is to tighten up on my portion control, have some fruit if I need something sweet and fit in as much exercise as work and my ankle will allow.

I'll let you know how it goes. Speak to you soon.

Love Erica xxx


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