Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Wednesday Weigh In - Week 19 - Teeny Tiny Progress

I got on the scales this morning in trepidation but I lost a quarter of a pound. I guess the workouts and runs out balanced the emotional overeating the other night. This takes my total weightloss to 24.25 pounds in 19 weeks.

This small loss does mean that I have hit another target. I started at 241.5 pounds so I have now lost over 10% of my starting weight.

I haven't been that happy with my progress lately and if you read my blog then you will know that I have had issues with weightwatchers Smartpoints at times and the restrictive nature of the diet. I know that Smartpoints is intended to educate members into reducing sugar in their diet but the restrictions are just making me crave sweet things more and as a result of this, I know I am probably eating too much fruit. So I have decided that it's time for a change.

From today, I am moving to calorie counting. I am using an app called SparkPeople which does all the calculating for you. Once I have got used to it and have used it for a while then I will fully review SparkPeople for you. I'm not ruling out ever going back to Weightwatchers but at the moment it doesn't feel like the right choice for me. 

I'm still feeling a little fragile today but am trying to be positive. I'm just taking one day at a time.

Speak to you soon

Love Erica xxx

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